Meet Marina!

In Marina's words.......


Growing up on an island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, I  never thought I would move to the "City That Never Sleeps", NYC, and  get to work with so many talented people and get so much knowledge from them. Now I live in Greensboro and I love making people look good in their every day lives, not just when they come to the salon. So every day is a challenge because I think of ways to make your hair  look better than the last time I saw you. At the same time, I love that we are all different and of course we have things that we love  and things that we want to change, but our body and hair is not  perfect and that is the true beauty of ourselves. Those imperfections that  make us who we are, so love yourself because that is the body and hair  God gave us."

Marina R.

440 North Eugene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401