For as long as I can remember, I have had 2 passions; “Food” & “Hair”. I used to play “waitress/chef” and do all of my Barbies hair. My first job was waiting tables. I loved it, I was good at it…I loved the hustle & bustle of a busy restaurant. I loved taking care of people and the customer service side of it.


High School Graduation was coming quickly and I had a decision to make. I had Interviews for both, Culinary & Cosmetology. I chose Culinary. Once obtaining my Associates Degree in Culinary Technology, went on to work in the Food Service Industry as a Chef & Food Service Manager for 16+ years.


After having my 3rd child, I was fortunate enough to have a very supportive family and was able to pursue my other lifelong passion: Hair.  So, Leon’s Beauty School it was.  2 weeks before graduating, I was asked to go to a Salon & assist the owner for the day. The Salon was none other than, Orrell Design and the owner, Kerrie Orrell.  I stood in awe, as Kerrie cut, colored and blew dry, client after client to perfection.  I stayed 2 hrs later, just because I couldn’t bare to leave before the last client was perfect. She was using techniques I had never seen…I had to have more. Unknowingly, that day changed my life.


My career as cosmetologist began as Kerrie’s assistant, just a few weeks later, in November 2011. Since that time, I have attended advanced cutting classes at  Vidal Sassoon in Miami, FL & Greensboro, NC,  Fuga Academy in Chicago, IL, Razor Cutting in Atlanta, GA,  Men’s Cutting in Raleigh, NC, Cutting & Colouring In NJ, as well as various others.  I have had extensive training in “All Things Davines”,  I am a Certified Level I Davines Colour & Product Knowledge Educator. I attend classes throughout the year to maintain my certifications, as well as, feed my hunger for knowledge.  Other certifications include Brazilian Blowout, GK The Best and PerfecTress Hair Extensions.


Most would say my “Specialty” is short cuts and colour, but my true passion is doing what I Love, making people feeling beautiful. 

Meet Cheryl

440 North Eugene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401